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Turn one big payment into easy bite-size instalments with buy now pay later purchases. Payright offers flexible payment options for every purchase, big and small.

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Important Information:

We want to ensure you have a positive payment experience and have made the checkout process simple. We take responsible lending seriously so credit is only extended to approved customers. Please ensure you read the terms and conditions for further information and note that PayRight is not available on all purchases.

How does Payright work?
Payright loans allow you to purchase goods and services from our approved merchants today and pay in instalments over time. There is a simple application process which in most cases only takes a couple of minutes. You may need to pay a deposit as well as some fees and charges, all of which are clearly explained when you apply for your Payright loan. Instalments are conveniently direct debited from your nominated debit or credit card and there are no additional charges to make extra payments or to pay your loan out early.
How do I apply for a Payright loan?
You can apply for your Payright loan with assistance from the Merchant, either instore or online. You can also apply directly on your smart phone through an approved link sent to you by the Merchant or through the digital checkout of selected online merchants. You will be asked some details about yourself and your purchase. Applications take a couple of minutes to complete and in most instances, you are provided with an instant decision.
How are Payments made?
Payments are taken automatically as scheduled from your nominated credit or debit card using a direct debit facility. You also have the ability to nominate a repayment start date. Once a start date is selected and the plan is activated by the Merchant, you will receive a welcome letter to confirm the initial repayment date and frequency. You can view your upcoming payment, and make additional payments by logging in to the Customer Hub here.
Are there late fees?
If payments have not been made by their scheduled date, late fees will apply. The late payment fee is up to $12.95 and will be charged as a separate fee in addition to your overdue payment. Payright sends out welcome emails on all purchases which includes information on all fees and charges. You will also receive late payment notices from Payright when payments have been missed and become overdue.
How can I make an arrangement for a late payment?
It is important to get in contact with us immediately if you have a missed payment so we can help to resolve the late payment. You can contact Payright by calling 1300 338 496 or emailing admin@payright.com.au
Can I make early payments or pay my Payright plan out early?
Yes, you can make early payments or choose to pay your Payright plan out early.There is no penalty for making additional payments or paying out the agreement early. The payment processing fee of $2.95 will still apply for any payments made. Simply call us on 1300 338 496 anytime to make an arrangement.
Funds are in my account for the repayment, why was I charged a late fee?
To discuss any discrepancies or if there has been a change with your payment facility, please contact Payright by emailing admin@payright.com.au or calling 1300 338 496.
What reference will appear on my bank statement?
Regardless of the store in which you made the purchase, a reference to Payright or Devizo (our previous brand name) will appear on your bank or card statement. You can also track all of your transactions by logging in to the Customer Hub here.
How do refunds work?
Any amounts paid by you will be refunded back onto your nominated card and any future instalments will be cancelled. Any paid processing fees will not be refunded.
Can I make multiple purchases with Payright?
Yes, you are able to have multiple purchases and plans within the one Payright Account as long as you have the available limit.There is a $19.95 repeat purchase fee for additional plans however for ease of payment, we combine all active plans into one repayment. To keep track of your plans, log in to the Customer Hub here.
How can I find out the payout figure?
You can check your payout figure anytime by logging in to Customer Hub here. Alternatively, you can send an email to admin@payright.com.au or call 1300 338 496.
Can Payright take action against me?
Yes, if you are in default under your payment plan agreement, Payright may take action against you to recover any amounts outstanding. A late payment fee of up to $12.95 for each late repayment may be charged if your account is overdue. Late payment notices as well as default notices will also be issued to you to advise of amounts owed. We want to help you get the payment plan back on track therefore it is important you stay in contact with us.
If I pay a deposit, am I guaranteed an approval?
Paying a deposit won’t guarantee a Payright loan being approved. Payright want to ensure you have a positive payment experience and as part of our responsible approach to lending, we will assess your application against our credit lending criteria. Our credit assessment will take into consideration the finance terms, personal information you have provided on the application and your credit history information. Details of your Payright loan will be confirmed to you in writing via email once the application is approved.
What do I do if there is a problem with the product I have purchased?
In the first instance, you should contact the merchant for all product and delivery related problems. If you are unsatisfied with their review process you may contact Payright for further advice or assistance.
How do I update my details?
You can update your phone number, card or account details, and address at any time by logging in to the Customer Hub here. Alternatively you can call us on 1300 338 496.
What do I need to apply for a Payright loan?
All you need to apply is your contact, employment and purchase details (including finance terms). This will also include providing details of your valid ID to ensure you are who you say you are. In some cases, we may also request for additional information to assess your application such as bank statements. Once approved, your payment details will also be required to set-up your ongoing payment facility.
How do I activate my Account?
Your account is activated by the Merchant once the goods or services have been delivered or are in the process of being delivered. Your account activated upon your first purchase and remains active beyond the repayment of your goods for as long as you require. Once your plan has been activated, Payright will provide written notice by email and send an SMS notification to your mobile phone number provided.
Am I am able to pay more than the minimum amount on my Payright loan?
Yes, you can pay more than the minimum amount on your Payright loan. In fact, you can pay as much as you like at any time with no penalty (as long as it is more than the regular amount due each period). In order to make an additional repayment simply login to the Customer Hub here, or contact us on 1300 338 496.
How do I know when my repayments are due?
You can nominate when your first repayment is due. Once a start date is selected and the plan is activated by the Merchant, a welcome letter will be sent to you via email. The welcome letter will confirm the initial repayment date and frequency.
How does my Direct Debit work?
Your direct debit is a regular payment that is collected by us from your credit or debit card. If your repayment has been unsuccessful, Payright will attempt to direct debit on a future date until the repayment has been successfully received. For additional information, please refer to Payright’s Terms and Conditions. You can also request to update your Direct Debit payment details online on the Customer Hub here or by calling 1300 338 496.
Can I change my Payright repayments?
Yes, you can change the amount, date or timing of your Payright repayments at any time as long as you pay at least the regular repayment amount each month. To change your repayment amount, simply login to the Customer Hub here, or contact us on 1300 338 496 to make arrangements.
What do I do if I cannot afford my repayments?
We understand that your circumstances can change and you may find it difficult to maintain repayments for periods throughout your loan term. Payright is committed to assess your situation and come to an arrangement to assist you through this time. We encourage you to contact us as soon as possible if you experience problems with your repayments due to a change of circumstance. Please visit our financial hardship page for further information.
Who is Payright?
Payright is a provider of buy now, pay later loans which allows you to turn one big payment into easy bite size instalments!
How will I know once an application has been submitted?
Once an application for a Payright loan has been submitted, either by yourself or by the merchant on your behalf, a verification code will be sent to your mobile phone number. You will be asked to use this verification code to authorise and progress your application. Therefore, it is important the contact details you provide are yours.
Do you conduct a credit check as part of the application process?
Yes, Payright may need to conduct a credit check as part of the application process. We want to ensure you have a positive payment experience and well as ensuring we are practicing responsible lending practices. A credit check is only conducted with your consent. When you apply for a Payright loan, you will be sent an SMS containing a verification code and asking your consent to conduct a credit check. When you provide the verification code to Payright or the Merchant, you are providing your consent to the credit check.
What are the fees and charges to use Payright?
When you make a purchase, Payright will open an account for you. You will pay a one off establishment fee (from $0 up to $89.95). This fee is added to the loan amount and is payable over the loan term. There is also a monthly account keeping fee of $3.50, which is a charged (pro-rata) with each repayment and a $2.95 payment processing fee which is also added to each repayment. This information will be outlined for you in a credit schedule, and payments can be tracked by accessing the Customer Hub here.
Is the merchant required to inform me of the fees and charges?
Yes, all of our merchants are aware of the associated fees and charges and will discuss this with you as part of the application. These fees are also explained to you in the Payright portal if you apply for a Payright loan independently through the digital checkout of an approved merchant store. All fees and charges are confirmed in the approval and welcome emails we send you.
Is Payright safe and secure?
The protection of your personal information and the security of our customers is paramount. We comply will all industry regulations. Please refer to the Payright Privacy Policy for additional information.
Can I add a guarantor on my finance application?
No, Payright loans are only assessed on a single borrower. It is important that all the primary contact details belong to the applicant as we will send information relating to the Payright loan to the contact details provided. Once approved and the loan activated, a nominated third party can be added to the account in order to make enquiries on behalf of the customer.
Who can apply for a Payright loan?
Anyone who is over 18 years old, is an Australian resident and obtains a regular income. For more information, please discuss with your chosen merchant or contact the Payright team on 1300 338 496. The Payright lending criteria is then applied to each application to determine a credit decision.
How will Payright process my application?
Payright will process your application by assessing the application information and ensuring that you can comfortably afford the repayments. Payright may request for additional information such as bank statements to assess your application for approval. If it is required, we can provide you a safe and secure link where you can provide this information instantly through your online banking service.
Do you send out payment statements?
When your Payright loan is approved and activated, a credit schedule will be provided in writing to your nominated email address. You can also track your upcoming payment via the Customer Hub here. Payment statements are not provided automatically however we will be happy to generate one at your request. Please send your request through to admin@payright.com.au or call us on 1300 338 496.
Do you have a Payright customer portal?
Yes we do! It’s called the Payright Customer Hub. Please login here to access your plan details, track your transactions, update your contact details and more.
Do you have a Payright mobile app?
We are currently working on an exciting Payright mobile app for our customers. We look forward to bringing you this feature and you will be notified as soon as it is ready. In the meantime, we are happy to assist with your request. Simply contact us by emailing admin@payright.com.au or 1300 338 496. Our team are available to answer your call from 8am – 6pm (AEDT) Monday – Friday. You can also contact us using live chat or on the ‘Contact Us’ page through our website.
What do I do if I have a dispute regarding my payment plan?
Please contact us immediately if you have a dispute regarding your Payright payment plan. Customers can access Payright’s internal complaints and dispute resolution (IDR) process free of charge. If you have a dispute with the Merchant including the product or service, we encourage you to contact the merchant directly in the first instance to discuss your concerns. If you feel you have been unable to resolve your complaint with the Merchant, please contact us for further assistance. For further information please refer to Payright’s complaints handling policy and procedure on our website.