Hair Microblading
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Most people are struggling with baldness, alopecia, scars, or thinning hair without the solution on sight. Some feel they are getting balder by the minute and can’t stand their image in the mirror! If your hair is not as full as it once was, you are not the only one suffering from premature or fully developed baldness. However, you’re close to restoring your youthfulness if you can take proactive action.

Hair Microblading is the solution you’ve been searching for! Though it is somewhat a new addition to semipermanent tattooing, historically hairlines were tattooed, but it tended to lack definition. Hairline Microblading takes a step further by introducing hairlines to match your hair type, thickness, and colour. We have had a 100% success rate for our clients to date.

At Yokototalbeauty, we will execute hairline Microblading with a clinical precision that will produce most naturallooking results. We can fill in your temples, fill your part lines, or create a full hairline. For men, we can improve balding or thinning hair areas, making them look fuller.

We will ensure your hairline treatment is in proportion to your forehead, doesn’t look obvious and will enhance your features, matching perfectly to your current hair colour.

Please note that transplants or hair re-growth products aren’t working; but with our artistry and the expertise of Yoko (the CEO) in hairline Microblading, you will get the most gratifying and fulfilling experience. Interestingly, there will not be surgeries, scars, waiting, or other inconveniences. Once you book an appointment with us, our artist will let you know what is realistically achievable.

However, the final results of our hairline Microblading procedure are highly dependable – you can shower, sweat, and even swim.

We are a Sydney permanent makeup destination and our hairline service is designed to solve the baldness, alopecia or thinning hair issues for both male and female.

Contact us for a consultation. We are happy to discuss your options and our procedure for men and women.

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Hair Line

  • Thinning/Balding Spot $330
  • Hairline Part $550
  • Temple Infill $440
  • Full Hairline $770
  • Prices will vary by size of work required.

All prices are GST inclusive

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Time Schedule

Working Hours

We are available other days and other salons by specific request only.

Cancellations must be made 24hrs prior to appointment.

Mon - Fri : 9am - 9pm
Sat : 9am - 9pm
Sunday : 9am - 9pm

Customer Reviews


I am very happy with my new eyebrows. The microblading was painless. Yoko was very thorough with her preparation and I felt safe with her. She is friendly and warm and explained what she was doing for me. I feel more confident and prettier with her beautiful design.

Naoko H.

Yoko hasn’t been doing this for 10 years but she is one of the best out there already. Her technique is sound and flawless and I felt secure knowing I would get the eyebrows that would suit me perfectly. Amazing service!

Miki K.

I had my eyelashes done with Yoko and I’m very happy with the service. She was quick. Friendly and very professional. I got exactly what I wanted and my new lashes look awesome. I will be a regular and coming back for microblading.

Kumiko O.

I came in for an eyelash/brow combo for my first time which was a bit scary. But Yoko made me feel safe. For me the microblading was very minor in pain which when explained can be a personal response to the numb cream. The 2nd day my brows looked weird and I freaked a bit. But Yoko’s aftercare reassured me of the healing phase and my brows settled in to look really awesome! I was very happy and surprised how well it came out. I’m converted…

Michelle V.