Hyaluron Pen

When it comes to transforming your lips to be beautiful, juicy, and hydrated, then, the Hyaluron pen is a game-changer. This is a perfect and more natural way to enhance your lips and also reduce facial wrinkles and lines. The Hyaluron Pen treatment is done with no needles, no toxic chemicals (we only use natural hyaluronic acid), and the process is almost painless with minimal bruising that can disappear in no time.

With this non-invasive method of pumping up the lips, the hyaluronic acid is distributed across a greater surface area compared to needle injections. The filler is natural, compactable, and does not pool under the skin. The substance (hyaluronic acid) also acts as a nutrient transfer medium between the bloodstream and skin cells. You will be incredibly excited with the fullness of your lips and the good news is that it stays longer without giving you bruises or ‘duck lips.’

This is just a good choice to rejuvenate the lips, skin and also reduce fine lines. So whether you’re local, a tourist or you’re new in town, do not miss this opportunity presented by yokototalbeauty to make your lips juicier. No wonder we have been acclaimed as the best lip injections Sydney and beyond.

Yokototalbeauty is the best lip fillers Sydney with artists and experts that are experienced in using the Hyaluron Pen to help women achieve certain lip size/shape. We also offer treatments performed by RN’s.

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Hyaluron Pen

  • Hyaluron Augmentation / Lip Filler 0.5 ml $220
  • Hyaluron Augmentation / Lip Filler 1.0 ml $385
  • Mesotherapy Single $80
  • Mesotherapy (4 session) $300
  • Bio-Revitalisation Single $80
  • Bio-Revitalisation (4 session) $300
  • Wrinkle Correction (2 sessions) plus $330

All prices are GST inclusive

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Customer Reviews


I am very happy with my new eyebrows. The microblading was painless. Yoko was very thorough with her preparation and I felt safe with her. She is friendly and warm and explained what she was doing for me. I feel more confident and prettier with her beautiful design.

Naoko H.

Yoko hasn’t been doing this for 10 years but she is one of the best out there already. Her technique is sound and flawless and I felt secure knowing I would get the eyebrows that would suit me perfectly. Amazing service!

Miki K.

I had my eyelashes done with Yoko and I’m very happy with the service. She was quick. Friendly and very professional. I got exactly what I wanted and my new lashes look awesome. I will be a regular and coming back for microblading.

Kumiko O.

I came in for an eyelash/brow combo for my first time which was a bit scary. But Yoko made me feel safe. For me the microblading was very minor in pain which when explained can be a personal response to the numb cream. The 2nd day my brows looked weird and I freaked a bit. But Yoko’s aftercare reassured me of the healing phase and my brows settled in to look really awesome! I was very happy and surprised how well it came out. I’m converted…

Michelle V.